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Nathalie M. Doran

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Nathalie Doran, J.D., has extensive experience advocating for the residents of North Carolina. She uses her unique blend of legal knowledge and work experience to put clients at ease and make the legal system more accessible to them.

An Advocate for Children

While studying psychology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Mrs. Doran served as a guardian ad litem for children in Chatham and Orange counties. She had the opportunity to act as an advocate for children in the foster care system, giving her insight into the legal issues faced by adults and children throughout North Carolina.

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In addition to handling casework and conducting home investigations, Mrs. Doran acted as a courtroom resource, representing the best interests of children involved in cases of abuse and neglect. During her time at UNC-Chapel Hill, Mrs. Doran also volunteered at Carolina House, where she worked directly with senior citizens suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Educational Background

Mrs. Doran graduated from Campbell University School of Law in May 2015. While pursuing her law degree, she was an active participant in the legal community. Her years of experience and active engagement with the law formed her dedication to serving her community and for delivering compassionate service in the legal system. Mrs. Doran served as an intern for the Office of the Public Defender for Wake County, giving her experience in representing defendants accused of crimes, negotiating with prosecutors, and consulting with defendants and witnesses.

In the DA’s Office

Mrs. Doran also worked as an intern in the Office of the District Attorney for Lee County. In this role, she had the opportunity to research, prepare, observe and try cases in court. It was during this experience that she first met Robert Reives and began to understand the impact he makes on his community, as well as how he inspires others to do what is best for his clients. She also handled cases for Lee County People’s Court.

Because she has experience with both prosecution and defense, Mrs. Doran understands how to negotiate favorable plea bargains and approach complex cases. Her meticulous attention to detail and thorough education and experiences in the legal system are evident in all her cases, and she is inspired to make sense of complicated cases for the sake of her clients and their legal rights.

Protecting the Innocent

From May 2013 to December 2013, Mrs. Doran interned with the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. She had the opportunity to assist incarcerated individuals, investigating claims of innocence and preparing and presenting cases to the commission.

Mrs. Doran joined Wilson, Reives & Silverman because she saw how fair and diligent Robert Reives is with his clients. She also knew his reputation for being a compassionate lawyer, an opinion shared by both his clients and his colleagues. With her experience in prosecution and defense, she knew that those attributes are extremely important in law, for the sake of the client and for maintaining the integrity of the justice system.

Guiding You Through the Legal System

Mrs. Doran, in partnership with the other lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman, works to improve the lives of her clients by skillfully guiding them through the legal system. Her goal, along with all the Wilson, Reives & Silverman attorneys and staff, is to help clients feel and know that they matter, whether their case is related to personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal charges or a traffic violation.

When working with Mrs. Doran, her clients can depend on her to be organized, responsive and focused on finding the best resolution for their case. She ensures that clients will be able to reach her and communicate with her, and she makes it a point to explain to all her clients what has happened with their case from a legal standpoint, as well as what is going to happen. Mrs. Doran’s knowledge, compassion and dedication to her clients make her part of the Wilson, Reives & Silverman commitment to helping clients know they matter.

In her free time, Mrs. Doran enjoys experimental cooking, scuba diving, welding and painting.

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