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General Practice Attorney Representing Clients in Central North Carolina 

Are you facing criminal charges after a felony or misdemeanor arrest? Or DUI? Are you in need of a divorce, legitimation or name change? Do you need help renewing your DACA, renewing your residency card or applying for citizenship?

I can help you. As a general practice attorney, I handle a wide range of cases in Lee, Harnett, Moore & Chatham Counties. I also have a strong interest in immigration law. Like the people I represent in our community, I know what it’s like to be involved in the legal process personally. 

That’s why I’m an attorney today. My own story helps me connect with my clients in understanding them and preparing them for what to expect with their case.

Personalized Passion for the Community & Helping Others

As a Sanford native and the daughter of immigrants from El Salvador and Mexico, I was thirteen years old when my father was deported from the United States. As a result, things changed for our family rapidly. We lost our home and moved into federal housing. I then became a child in the welfare system for a short time and at sixteen a single parent. 

I was able to pull myself up by starting a career in law as a legal assistant in my teens. As a high school dropout, I went back to school to receive my diploma and on to graduate from Fayetteville State University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology. Later I attended the evening program at North Carolina Central University to earn a law degree. 

Today I’m a successful parent with two beautiful boys I’m proud to raise right here in Sanford, N.C. I’m highly passionate about helping others in our community, especially families in the Hispanic community, who don’t always speak English fluently. In fact, being bilingual and fluent in both Spanish and English is critical to my law practice. 

As an attorney with knowledge in immigration, I also understand how important it is to have certain outcomes in criminal and traffic cases that do not harm your immigration status. 

If you or your family are facing legal troubles, I want to help you. I will fight for you and work hard to bring you the best possible outcome for your case. 

Area of Practice

General Counsel Attorney 

  • Family Law and divorce
  • Domestic violence: protection orders, criminal harassment & stalking
  • Criminal defense litigation: felony & misdemeanor cases, DUI and traffic court 
  • Immigration: DACA, LPR, Citizenship


North Central University Law School, J.D. 


Joined WRSD in 2018 as a legal administrative assistant with over ten years of experience with helping clients with their legal matters 

Special Skills

Fluent in English and Spanish

Se habla Español


Call (919) 928-5983 or contact us and set up a consultation to speak with me, Vanessa E. Iglesias, about your case.

Vanessa fue criada en Carolina del Norte por padres migrantes. Creció en un hogar de clase trabajadora por lo cual ella comprende perfectamente los obstáculos que enfrentan muchas personas e inmigrantes para vivir en este país.  Como abogada sensible a los problemas de otros, se ha comprometido a representar con entusiasmo a su comunidad. Antes de empezar la Escuela de Derecho Vanessa ya tenía definida su vocación. A los dieciséis años empezó a trabajar como asistente legal mientras que iba a la escuela y criaba a su hijo.

La Abogada Vanessa E. Iglesias tiene conocimiento y experiencia en casos criminales y de tránsito. Vanessa tiene una reputación sólida ya que es honesta, confiable y trata cada caso con responsabilidad y dedicación. Vanessa se preocupa por su comunidad y por emigrantes como lo han sido sus papas. Vanessa habla español e inglés y lleva casos criminales y de tránsito en los condados de Lee, Harnett, Moore y Chatham en Carolina del Norte.

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