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Obtaining Property by False Pretenses

Have you been accused of obtaining property by false pretenses? If so, you need an experienced false pretenses lawyer to guide you through the process, fight the charges, help you defend your rights and get your life back.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you by asking questions, discrediting witnesses, and introducing favorable evidence in your case.

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Obtaining property by false pretenses, often shortened to false pretenses, is when someone lies or misrepresents the facts to convince someone to part with their property. If you are charged with this offense, the prosecutor has the burden of proving the case against you.

What are some examples of obtaining property by false pretenses?

A charge of false pretenses is not quite the same as a charge for theft. The main difference is that a false pretenses charge involves a lie or a misstatement of fact. Here are some examples:

  • Someone promises to buy your car for $10,000. After you have the title transferred, he disappears without paying you as promised
  • Someone lies and says she is the biological daughter of a woman who gave her child up for adoption years ago. She lies to get the woman to sign over the title to her car or the deed to her home

What does a prosecutor have to prove in a false pretenses case?

If your case goes to court, the prosecutor will not be able to make a case against you unless he or she can prove several things:

  • You obtained the title to someone else’s property
  • You obtained the property by intentionally making a false statement
  • You intended to defraud the other person

Your false pretenses lawyer will look at all of the facts in the case and determine the best way to defend you. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to show that you did not intend to defraud anyone, or cast doubt on witness testimony related to your case. This is why it is so important to work with a criminal defense attorney with extensive skill and a strong track record with this kind of case.

How can a criminal defense attorney help if you are charged with a false pretenses case?

A criminal charge is a very serious matter. If you are convicted, there is a chance you will have to spend time in jail or pay a large fine. You’ll also have a criminal record, which makes it hard to get a good job or pass the background checks required to live in some communities. Being convicted of a crime can also damage your reputation. With your freedom and reputation at stake, hiring a skilled false pretenses lawyer is one of the best things you can do.

Your criminal defense attorney can help you with all of the following:

  • Negotiating with the prosecutor to have the charges reduced
  • Motioning to have your case dismissed
  • Selecting the right jurors for your trial
  • Preparing you for pre-trial conferences and court hearings
  • Finding witnesses to testify on your behalf or discredit the testimony given by other witnesses
  • Investigating your case and finding information to help build your defense
  • Questioning the prosecution’s witnesses
  • Preparing and submitting motions related to your case

Without legal expertise, it is very difficult to build a strong defense against a criminal charge. You need a criminal defense attorney with a track record of success in helping people who have been charged with obtaining property by false pretenses. At Wilson, Reives & Silverman, we have what it takes to protect your rights and help you defend yourself against the charges.

How much does it cost to speak with a criminal defense attorney?

If you have been charged with obtaining property by false pretenses, talk to a false pretenses lawyer right away. At Wilson, Reives & Silverman, we make it easy to meet with one of our skilled criminal defense attorneys and find out the costs and options available. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with an attorney and gain peace of mind about your legal matter.

Call (919) 775-5653 or contact us and set up a consultation to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your case.

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