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Many injuries can leave victims devastated financially and emotionally, incapable of working or earning a living, and can contribute to ongoing medical or psychological conditions. Personal injury law is the process of seeking recognition or compensation through the legal system for injuries to your body, mind, or emotions that resulted from another person’s intentional or negligent actions. When this happens, victims need to find a personal injury lawyer in Holly Springs, NC, who can guide them through the process of getting the justice they deserve.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Many injuries can leave victims devastated financially and emotionally, incapable of working or earning a living, and can contribute to ongoing medical or psychological conditions. Misfortunes giving rise to personal injury claims in this category include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Injuries sustained through slips and falls on private premises, including commercial premises
  • Wounds from dog bites or other animal attacks
  • Illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals or other hazardous products
  • Health problems resulting from use of defective products
  • Mental health issues caused by insult, injury, physical, or emotional stress

Back pain, headaches, various phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all potential long-term conditions resulting from an injury, which can severely impact the victim’s quality of life.

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According to the state’s contributory negligence laws, if the defendant can prove that the plaintiff contributed to the accident or injury in any way, he or she could be barred from receiving compensation.

Responsibilities of a Personal Injury Lawyer

The best personal injury lawyer seeks to obtain justice for their clients, usually in the form of damages. This is financial compensation that enables the plaintiff to maintain his or her standard of living and cover the costs of medical care, regardless of whether he or she can continue working. In the event of the victim’s wrongful death, a successful personal injury claim can provide financial security for their heirs, even in their absence.

The duties and responsibilities of personal injury lawyers are specified under the codes of conduct and professional rules laid down by licensing associations. These include preparing the legal documentation for their plaintiffs’ cases, filing the cases, and providing their clients with legal advice. The attorneys are required to interview the client and assess the case to determine the value of going before the court. Without these preliminary steps, the lawyers would not be able to help clients get the justice they deserve in compensation for their suffering and loss.

Why You Should Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re considering filing a personal injury claim, it’s important to understand your rights. A qualified lawyer can evaluate your case and determine what your injuries have cost you in terms of financial, physical, and emotional stress. He or she will also identify whether the defendant should be held liable for their actions, based on the facts of the case.

Personal injury lawyers in Holly Springs NC and all over the country are required to have both a college degree and a law degree from an accredited institution. They are expected to adhere strictly to legal ethics and principles while acting on your behalf, and at the same time exercise due diligence in all their actions. A lawyer’s mandate is to act in the client’s best interests rather than his or her own, and confidentiality is a cornerstone of any lawyer-client relationship.

How a Lawyer Will Help You

Damages awarded for a personal injury claim are usually intended to compensate the claimant for losses he or she experienced because of the accident or injury. This calculation can be simple, such as reimbursing the victim for medical expenses or damage to property. Injuries often also result in the loss of physical and mental health, and these losses are harder to quantify. Although it is difficult to put a dollar figure on these consequences, a monetary award could enable you to function in spite of your loss.

A lawyer will help you determine how to calculate the financial value of your injury and present your case to the court. He or she will also guide you in addressing issues such as worker’s compensation or bringing criminal charges against the person who caused your injury, if applicable.

Filing a Claim

Opening a personal injury claim is a complex process that most people aren’t familiar with. If your claim includes any of these losses, a competent personal injury lawyer will be able to help you recover compensation for them:

  • Medical costs – these can include reimbursement for treatment received already, as well as cover the estimated costs of future care required.
  • Income replacement – if you’ve lost income or will be unable to work to your fullest potential in the future as a result of the injury, you can claim loss of earning capacity from the defendant.
  • Property loss – this includes vehicles, clothing and any other personal property damaged because of the incident. Your damages should be able to cover the cost of repairs or replacement at market value.
  • Pain and suffering – these losses are harder to quantify, but if you’ve experienced any serious discomfort or emotional distress because of the injury, including anxiety or loss of sleep, you can use this as an argument for your case.
  • Loss of enjoyment – these damages will compensate you for the inability to participate in your usual recreational activities.

Why Choose Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran?

At Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran, we believe everyone has the right to legal assistance, and no one should ever be forced to manage without it. We offer the services of the best personal injury lawyers, who will consult with you to gain a clear understanding of your situation, needs, wants and desires. We will investigate your case thoroughly and prepare all documentation with the finest attention to detail. Our board-certified personal injury lawyers in Holly Springs, NC, include Attorney Jesse Shapiro, who is exceptionally qualified to represent you and will get you the justice you deserve.

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