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Premises Liability

No one ever plans to get hurt at work. However, a serious injury on the job can result in disability and loss of income—which can utterly disrupt your life, and even change it forever.

Property owners have certain obligations to keep their land and the buildings on it safe for anyone visiting or doing business there. If they fail to do so and an accident happens, the results can be devastating to the injured party.

Tell Our Attorneys About Your Case

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

A premises liability lawyer at Wilson, Reives & Silverman knows your rights and is ready to help you gain the compensation you deserve. Your health may have already been compromised—let our attorneys help you while you get back on your feet.

What are the most common premises liability accidents?

Premises liability accidents can take place at commercial buildings like offices, schools and stores; in private homes or rentals; or on public property including streets, parks and public transportation vehicles.

While not as dramatic as the injuries from car accidents, premises liability injuries can include:

  • head, neck and spine injuries;
  • broken bones;
  • animal bites;
  • burns, and
  • electrocutions.

Slip and fall accidents

Slips and falls are the leading cause of premises liability accidents. They can be caused by unsafe property conditions including liquids or foreign substances on the floors, unsafe passageways and aisles, faulty stairs, or any other negligent maintenance or upkeep factor that can lead to bodily harm. Building code violations can also come into play in these types of accidents.

Animal bites

While most animal bites aren’t serious, many result in medical bills, lost time from work, and suffering. Millions of them occur every day, and a large number of them affect small children. North Carolina permits animal bite victims to recover compensation if they can prove negligence on the part of the owner.

Construction accidents

Construction site accidents don’t only affect construction workers. Unfortunately, accidents stemming from poor electrical wiring through faulty scaffolding and inadequate security can befall even a casual passerby.

If I’ve had a premises liability accident, what should I do next?

The most important thing to do first is seek medical attention if you haven’t done so already.

Once your injuries have been addressed, write down the details of your accident. This way, you have something more accurate to rely on than your memory when it comes time to speak with a premises liability lawyer.

If you have any evidence that the premises (or animal, if there was an animal bite incident) was maintained in a negligent fashion, and if you know of any witnesses who can help you prove this claim, make note of this information.

Be sure to get your complete medical records after your injury and treatment.

Finally, meet with a premises liability lawyer and determine whether you want to file a personal injury claim. If you do file a claim, you also need to notify the potential defendants through your lawyer.

Where do I begin filing a personal injury claim?

If you are looking to file a personal injury claim, you should do so quickly. Any delay in filing on your part could lead to potential delays in receiving benefits. Reporting injuries immediately and filing a claim as soon as you decide to seek benefits will significantly increase your premises liability lawyer’s chances of recovering compensation quickly.

It will not cost you anything to come in for a consultation. At Wilson, Reives & Silverman, PLLC, all personal injury consultations are given free of charge.

The premises liability lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman are here to provide you with trusted, effective legal counsel. We’ll focus on your claim, allowing you to focus on recovery and moving your life forward.

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