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Forms of Representation offered by Wilson, Reives & Silverman

If you need a workers’ compensation attorney in Siler City or an attorney for a wide scope of legal needs, Wilson, Reives & Silverman can help.We have a team of highly experienced lawyers capable of offering the full range of legal representation, including:

  • Wills and estate planning
  • Personal injury
  • Civil litigation
  • Traffic violations
  • Criminal defense
  • Worker’s compensation

You have access to a team of highly skilled experts when you contact Wilson, Reives & Silverman, who are able to give you legal help and advice of the highest possible quality.

When do you need a lawyer?

You need to contact a lawyer at those times when you feel you could do with some legal advice or representation. The lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman have the experience necessary to help with all types of legal issues, and they treat every client fairly and with the utmost respect. You should give us a call when:

You need a will or want to plan your estate

All adults 18 and older, whether they have no assets whatsoever, or are the owner of many properties, should have legal documentation as to what they want done with their assets when they pass away. Just like other states in the country, North Carolina has its own regulations as far as estate laws are concerned.

For instance, if you have a small estate, then it is possible for your heirs to get their share of your estate without having to go through a long court supervised process, as is the case with large and involved wills and estates. Wilson, Reives & Silverman is a company of highly skilled, professional lawyers, who are able to help you with all aspects of wills and estates, from health care through power of attorney, to the planning and execution of your estate.

Your job has caused you to become ill, be involved in an accident, or get injured in any way

Most companies in North Carolina are required by law to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. Wilson, Reives & Silverman is the company to call if you find yourself in this situation, because we have Attorney Jesse Shapiro on our team. Attorney Shapiro is one of only a few lawyers to have been Board Certified by the North Carolina State Bar as an expert in all aspects of Worker’s Compensation Law.

You need a lawyer after you’ve had an accident

Like most people, you can be involved in an accident at any time, and could need legal representation or advice. Whatever type of accident you are involved in,the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer. Whether it is a dog bite, a motor vehicle accident, or you’ve been injured by slipping and falling in a public place, we can help.

Drivers in North Carolina are required by law to have liability insurance. If you have had an accident at home, however, state law does not require home owners to have insurance, but many mortgage lending companies do. Call us as soon as possible after you’ve had an accident, and we will make sure that the outcome of your case is what you want it to be.


Areas we operate in

The lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman serve clients in the Holly Springs, Burlington, Fuquay-Varina, and Sanford areas of North Carolina.

Choosing a workers compensation lawyer in Siler City

Contact Wilson, Reives & Silverman by telephone, message, or via the convenient online contact form, and you will have access to superior quality legal advice and assistance for Workmen’s Compensation, wills and estates, accident, or any other legal problem. We can be contacted at our Sanford office on (919) 928-5839, or at our Apex office on (919) 303-1116.

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