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Embracing the Hispanic Community

Robert Reives focuses on serving the Hispanic community in Lee County because of an early encounter with one of the first Spanish-speaking families in the area. A friend of his from school was part of that family, and his parents worked as interpreters in the area. Even looking back many years later, it is evident that the community could have benefited from Spanish lawyers or Spanish-speaking legal help.

Since that time, the community has changed and the Spanish-speaking population has grown. Today, 1 in 4 people in Sanford are Hispanic. There is a growing need in the community for service providers to be able to accommodate different languages and cultural nuances.

At Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran, the awareness of the needs of the Spanish-speaking population in the area drives the firm’s involvement and focus on a diverse staff.

Need the Legal Services of a Spanish-Speaking Lawyer in Lee County?

The attorneys at Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran put the client at the center of everything we do. The entire staff works together to recognize the different needs and different understandings of each client. We employ several staff members who can translate for us to ensure our clients’ voices are heard, regardless of language barriers.

We are here to guide, advocate, defend, and advise all of our clients. The same legal services we offer in English are also offered in Spanish. These include:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury (such as slip-and-falls, dog bites, motor vehicle negligence, wrongful death, and traumatic brain injury)
  • Traffic Violations (such as hit-and-runs, DUI, DWI, and speeding tickets)
  • Criminal Defense (such as fraud, drug crimes, and misdemeanors/felony crimes)
  • Civil Litigation (such as tort cases and other trials)

Call (919) 775-5653 or contact us and set up a consultation to speak with one of our experienced attorneys about your case.

Building Stronger Communities

Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran is a firm that cares about protecting the rights of the individual and about building stronger, healthier communities. Part of that is providing accessible legal services and advice to all of our populations. Our attorneys grew up in North Carolina and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from some of the top universities in North Carolina and the nation. Ultimately, they returned to their communities to work and serve the increasingly diverse people and neighborhoods.

Regardless of whether you speak English or Spanish, we understand that your case isn’t just a case – it’s your life. That is why we treat each case with personal attention and respect. Our lawyers are trusted authorities and leaders in the community. They can help you understand your rights and advise you on your case, even though it may seem complex. If you are seeking to draft a contract, go to court, or just get legal advice, Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran’s experienced team of lawyers are here to help.

“Because Everyone Matters”

The Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran motto, “Because Everyone Matters,” is not just a slogan; it is how we operate as a legal firm. Our core principles focus on diversity in our staff and services. This helps ensure that everyone feels like they matter to us. Being part of a personal injury claim, workers’ compensation claim, or criminal charge is a scary, worrisome, and complex time for many people. The Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran team works to make that time less of a burden and to help our clients feel like they are not alone.

If you need a Spanish lawyer in Lee County or Spanish-speaking legal support, contact Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran. We strive to be able to serve all members of the Lee County community so that there is equal access to high-quality legal services.

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