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White Collar Crimes

Have you been charged with a crime such as bank fraud, embezzlement, computer fraud, or insider trading? If so, the experienced white collar crime attorneys at Wilson, Reives & Silverman are ready to defend you. We know what it takes to build a strong defense and stand up for your rights in court.

Government agencies are very aggressive about prosecuting people charged with white collar crimes, which are nonviolent offenses motivated by a desire for financial gain. These agencies often cooperate with each other to gather as much information as possible, making white collar crime cases very complex.

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If you have been charged with a white collar crime, or you think you are about to be charged, the best thing to do is hire a white collar crime attorney right away.

What are some examples of white collar crimes?

Fraud is one of the most common white collar crimes. In legal terms, fraud is any type of criminal deception committed to receive personal or financial gain.

Government agencies look for several types of fraud when they conduct audits and investigations:

  • Computer fraud—using a computer or the Internet to commit some type of fraud
  • Bank fraud—participating in a scheme designed to defraud a financial institution
  • Securities fraud—manipulating financial markets or deceiving investors
  • Health care fraud—deception or misrepresentation for the purpose of receiving higher reimbursements; examples include charging for services that were not provided, charging for a more expensive service than the one actually performed, and submitting duplicate claims for the same service
  • Credit card fraud—unauthorized use of a credit card to obtain funds or receive goods without paying for them

Although fraud is very common, it is not the only offense classified as a white collar crime.

Government agencies also investigate the following:

  • Bribery—attempting to influence behavior by offering people money or valuable property
  • Embezzlement—theft of money or property by someone who is in a position of trust
  • Tax evasion—failing to report income on tax returns, filing false tax returns, not filing tax returns
  • Extortion—taking money from someone by making threats or using force against them
  • Money laundering—concealing money that was obtained illegally by running it through a legitimate business
  • Economic espionage—stealing trade secrets

How can an attorney help you handle a white collar crime charge?

If you think you are going to be charged, contact an experienced white collar crime attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will hold auditors and investigators accountable for their actions and ensure no one violates your rights during the investigation.

Hiring an experienced white collar crime attorney is especially important if you have been charged with a white collar crime. A conviction for a white collar offense is typically accompanied by a very large fine, prison time, and other harsh penalties. You need an attorney who will fight for your rights during every step of your case.

Your attorney will work hard to build the strongest defense possible. In addition to protecting your rights, an experienced white collar crime attorney can also do the following:

  • Investigate the matter thoroughly
  • Find expert witnesses to testify in your case
  • Negotiate with the prosecution for lesser charges
  • Cross-examine the prosecutor’s witnesses in court
  • Introduce evidence that helps your case
  • Make strong opening and closing remarks on your behalf

Why should I hire a white collar crime attorney?

If you are charged with a white collar crime, you must defend yourself aggressively. Without experience handling criminal cases, it is very difficult to build a strong case against an experienced prosecutor. What you need is an attorney who will work hard to fight the charges against you.

At Wilson, Reives & Silverman, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with an experienced white collar crime attorney, discuss the charges against you, and learn about your legal options.

If you are facing charges for a white collar crime, call us today to get the guidance you need.

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