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Workers’ Compensation

No one ever plans to get hurt at work and have to file a workers’ compensation case. However, a serious injury on the job can result in disability and loss of income—which can utterly disrupt your life, and even change it forever.

Wilson, Reives & Silverman is a full-service law firm committed to defending your rights in personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense and family law.

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We Are Committed to Your Security

We Are Committed to Your Security

Getting You Back to Work.

Are you already out of work receiving temporary total disability benefits? An injury that causes temporary total disability can be scary and cause you to think about whether you will get fired from your job. There are protections outside of workers’ compensation that can help protect your job such as FMLA and REDA laws.

If you are receiving a weekly check for your workers’ compensation claim and are worried about your job security, call Wilson, Reives and Silverman. Our attorneys will provide a free consultation and explain all your rights and answer any questions you may have. The injuries sustained can be extremely painful, and they can also keep you from performing your job and earning the salary you depend on.

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