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Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death Claims

Accidents happen with an appalling frequency – but none are so devastating as those that tragically cut short a loved one’s life.

Wrongful death lawsuits can stem from a range of fatal accidents, including auto accidents, dangerous premises, worksite accidents, crimes, medical malpractice and more.

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It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

However, the type of accident that takes the life of a loved one is not the critical factor in these cases. What is important is whether or not it can be proved that an individual’s negligent or wrongful actions caused your loved one to die before his or her time.

An attorney can identify important legal rights you have after losing a loved one and explain your options for seeking some resolution. In most cases, a brief meeting with an experienced, compassionate lawyer can begin the process of obtaining legal justice. All the lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman offer unique perspectives and experiences that can help you in a wrongful death case. We believe a lawyer should listen to clients and go the extra mile, which in many wrongful death cases is needed to reach a resolution that may help lessen the painful experience of losing a loved one.

The wrongful death attorneys at Wilson, Reives & Silverman understand the delicacy of these kinds of cases, and we can help you resolve your lawsuit as quickly as possible with tact, sensitivity and precision.

Who is eligible to file a wrongful death claim?

You must be a statutory beneficiary of the deceased to file a wrongful death claim in his or her name. So if you are an immediate family member such as a spouse, child or parent, you are eligible to file a claim and receive compensation. A wrongful death attorney will act on behalf of your family to present evidence and testimony that show the fault of the responsible party, and that the death was a direct result of the accident.

How do I take legal action after a wrongful death?

The thought of filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit after such a tragic loss may seem like taking on an additional burden in an already emotional, stressful and difficult situation. You may feel that pursuing legal action will only increase the feelings of distress and loss you’re already experiencing. However, the outcome of successful litigation can help relieve the financial burdens that can affect your ability to grieve.

The wrongful death attorneys at Wilson, Reives & Silverman will take every step possible to bring the responsible party to an accountable position, and to help you obtain a considerable financial settlement to help cover the costs of your expenses. Your wrongful death claim or lawsuit will also take into consideration any noneconomic losses you may have suffered, including loss of companionship, pain and suffering.

It will not cost you anything to come in for a consultation. At Wilson, Reives & Silverman, PLLC, all consultations for wrongful death cases are given free of charge.

The wrongful death attorneys at Wilson, Reives & Silverman are here to provide you with trusted, effective and responsive legal counsel. We’ll focus on your claim, allowing you to focus on moving forward from bereavement.

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