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workers' compensation lawyer in Sanford NC

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Sanford, NC

For employees injured on the job and need a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sanford, NC, Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran, a group of workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for your rights.

Common On-the-Job Injuries

Whether you work for a small business or a corporation with thousands of employees, you deserve to stay safe on the job. Your employer is responsible for providing adequate safety equipment and warning you of the known hazards involved in performing your duties. Despite these precautions, thousands of employees are injured on the job every year.

A work-related accident can injure any part of the body, but these are some of the most common injuries sustained by North Carolina workers:

  • Broken bones/fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Concussions
  • Torn ligaments
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions (bruises)

If you are injured at work, you should report the injury immediately, even if you don’t think it is serious. After you tell your supervisor about the injury, write down everything you can remember about what happened. This documentation may be very important if your workers’ compensation claim is denied at a later date. Seek a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sanford, NC immediately for an attorney to act on your behalf with the insurance company.

Causes of Work-Related Injuries

Work-related injuries occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Walking into a heavy object, such as a door or wall, can cause injuries to the feet, neck, and head. Machines have a lot of moving parts, leaving you at risk for cuts, amputations, and other serious injuries.
  • Typing, sitting in an awkward position, and working for several hours without breaks all increase the risk for repetitive stress injuries. RSIs are often accompanied by vision problems, muscle spasms, and tendon pain.
  • Work-related auto accidents result in back injuries, whiplash, sprains, strains, and broken bones. If you are hit by a falling object, there is a chance you will sustain a concussion, broken bone, or severe cut.

No matter the cause of your injury, it is important to seek advice from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Sanford, NC. The attorneys at Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran are here to help you submit a workers’ compensation claim, or to fight for your rights to workers’ compensation benefits if the insurance company denies your claim.

Third-Party Lawsuits

In some cases, more than one person or company shares the blame for a work-related accident. For example, if you sliced off the tip of your finger in a machine, the manufacturer of the machine may bear some of the responsibility. If so, consult with a Sanford, NC personal injury attorney. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent third party.

Occupational Diseases

If your job involves contact with hazardous chemicals, you may have an increased risk of developing an occupational disease. Reduce your risk by wearing employer-provided personal protective equipment and following established guidelines for the safe storage and handling of such chemicals. If you develop an occupational disease despite your best efforts, visit a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sanford, NC right away. The workers’ compensation team at Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran understand occupational diseases and know how to give you the best chance of filing a successful workers’ compensation claim.

Experience Counts

Jesse Shapiro is certified by the NC State Bar as a specialist in workers’ compensation law. Jesse has experience working as an insurance defense lawyer, giving him much-needed insight into how insurance companies and their attorneys view and defend cases in North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system. Mr. Shapiro uses his knowledge and skills to help injured workers file for workers’ compensation benefits and fight for the benefits and compensation they are due. If you were injured on the job and seeking a workers’ compensation lawyer in Sanford, or you developed a work-related illness after exposure to a hazardous substance, contact Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran today.

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