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Legal services to meet your needs.


Laws vary by state and can be difficult to understand. An experienced attorney can guide you through your legal process, but you can also learn more about the legal system on your own. These resources provide information specific to the state of North Carolina as well as federal laws.

Business & Finance

Business, government, politics and the law frequently overlap. This impacts everyone. Whether you are a business owner, an employee or researching information about the rights and duties of business, these resources can help.


Government from the national, state and local levels impact how we all live our lives. Gain a better understanding about what each group does with these resources.


Wilson, Reives & Silverman believes in active community engagement and involvement. The following resources can guide you to also becoming involved in Sanford, Apex and other areas in Lee county.


Sometimes there are world events related to or influencing your life in North Carolina. Stay in tune by reading or watching the news with these excellent resources.

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