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General Civil Claims

Has someone else damaged your property or caused you to suffer an injury? The experienced civil claims attorneys at Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran are ready to help you recover damages.

If you’ve reached the point where you need to file a civil lawsuit, an experienced civil litigation attorney will fight for you in court and work hard to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

What is a Civil Claim?

A civil claim, often referred to as a civil lawsuit, is a legal dispute between two or more parties seeking compensation or other remedies for non-criminal actions. Unlike criminal cases, where individuals are prosecuted for breaking the law, civil claims involve private parties seeking resolution for issues such as personal injuries, contract disputes, property conflicts, and more.

Why Pursue a Civil Claim?

Filing a civil claim allows individuals and businesses to seek compensation, injunctions, or other remedies for harm suffered. It provides a legal avenue for resolving disputes and holding responsible parties accountable.

When you file a civil claim, you are asking the court to hold someone else responsible for the harm you’ve suffered. You are known as the plaintiff, and the person you sue is known as the defendant.

When can you file a civil claim?

You can file a civil claim if someone else damages your property, does something that injures you, or causes you to lose money. Here are some common causes of civil claim filing:

Property damage

If someone damages your property, that person should be held responsible for repairing the damages or compensating you for the value of the property. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to admit their mistakes and make things right. You might have to file a civil claim against the person who caused the damage.

Here are some examples of civil claims related to property damage:

  • Someone hit your car with a baseball bat, breaking the headlights and denting the hood.
  • An electrician promised to check the wiring in your house and failed to do so. Your house then caught on fire due to faulty wiring.
  • Your neighbor knew she had a defective parking brake, but she didn’t have the brake repaired. Her car rolled down a hill and hit the car parked in your driveway, damaging the bumper.



You can file a civil claim if you were injured as a result of someone else’s actions. It doesn’t matter if those actions were intentional; if they caused your injury, you have a right to file a claim.

Many civil claims are the result of careless behavior, including the following:

  • You were in a car accident that caused two broken bones. The other driver is at fault because he was texting while driving and didn’t see the light change before hitting you.
  • A dog bit your hand because its owner didn’t keep it on a leash. The bite was so severe that you had a hard time using your hand to write, pick up objects, and do other basic tasks.
  • You attended a holiday party at your neighbor’s house. While you were there, you tripped on a piece of loose carpeting and fell, hitting your head in the process. Your neighbor knew about the loose carpeting and did not repair it.

Financial losses

You can also file a civil claim if someone else does something that causes you to lose money. These claims are often filed by one business owner against another, but you can file an individual claim against a person or company.

You might have to file a civil claim if any of the following has happened to you:

  • You hired an accountant to prepare your annual tax return. The accountant made a serious mistake, causing you to owe several thousand dollars in interest and penalties.
  • The business consultant you hired gave you bad advice. You made important decisions based on this advice, which caused your business to lose thousands of dollars in profit.

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

How can a civil claims lawyer help you with a civil claim?

An experienced civil claims lawyer can help you avoid serious mistakes that put your case in jeopardy. Your civil claims attorney will fight to win your case and help you collect damages for the harm you’ve suffered.

At Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran, we focus on helping people get their lives back after serious injuries or financial losses. You won’t have to worry about your case because we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you recover damages.

Call (919) 775-5653 or contact us and set up a consultation to speak with one of our experienced civil claims attorneys about your case.

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