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Moving Violations

It can take years to undo the damage from a single speeding ticket—particularly if your insurance rates go up. But if you are able to challenge the charge with the help of a moving violation lawyer, and win your case, you can keep those points off your license and keep your insurance rates from rising.

The moving violation lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman are prepared to help you fight your charges. Work with us, and get effective legal counsel from lawyers you can trust.

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It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

It’s not just a case, it’s your life.

A clean driving record doesn’t only keep you in good stead with other drivers on the road. It also keeps you from accumulating points on your license that can damage your driving record. Accumulate too many points, and you may be facing some very harsh penalties:

  • Your license may be restricted
  • You may be required to pay high fines and fees to the DMV and/or traffic court
  • You may be required to complete a driver improvement or defensive driver course
  • Your license may be suspended, revoked or even canceled
  • Your insurance company may raise your car insurance rates

What are penalties for having too many points on my license?

In North Carolina, moving violations can include everything from driving while texting to lane violations, aggressive or reckless driving, driving too slowly and failing to stop for pedestrians and stop signs/stoplights.

If you’re convicted of any one of them, you’ll have points added to your license.

  • If you total 12 points within a 3-year period you may face suspension
  • Depending on whether you’ve been suspended for points before, your suspension could last from 60 days-2 months
  • If you accumulate 7 points on your driving license, you may be assigned to a driver improvement clinic, and have to pay a clinic fee of $50
  • Attending and completing class driver improvement clinic will remove 3 points from your driving record, but you can utilize this service only once every 5 years
  • If you accumulate as many as 12 points within a three-year period, your license may be suspended. Accumulating 8 points within 3 years following the reinstatement of your license can result in a second suspension
  • Driving more than 15 miles over the speed limit, if you are driving at a speed higher than 55 mph. Certain first-time traffic violations also mandate immediate loss of your driving privileges, including:
    • Pre-arranged racing with another vehicle
    • Speeding over 75 mph
    • Passing a stopped school bus

How can hiring a moving violation lawyer help your case?

Moving violation lawyers know the technicalities. They can get tickets dismissed, because there are often errors in the ticket process—and an experienced moving violation lawyer knows which ones he or she can get dismissed. They also have the ability to plea bargain for you, and reduce your charge to one that carries lesser or no penalties.

Unless you are in traffic court arguing speeding tickets on a daily basis, you don’t have the knowledge that a seasoned moving violation lawyer will have regarding prosecutors and judges and the rules concerning your charge.

A moving violation lawyer will:

  • Represent you in traffic court
  • Negotiate with judges and prosecutors to have your charges dropped or reduced
  • Help you avoid high fines and penalties
  • Keep you from losing your driver’s license or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) if applicable, or advocate for you to have driving privileges reinstated

Can moving violations really be fought and won?

Yes. An experienced moving violation lawyer can succeed at having your charges reduced or revoked.

Although most traffic offenders simply pay their tickets rather than fighting them in court, paying those tickets count as a conviction on your record. Know that the cost of that conviction isn’t just the immediate cost to your wallet. Convictions can raise your insurance rates, and an accumulation of points not fought can result in your license being suspended.

In the long run, hiring a moving violation lawyer will likely cost a whole lot less than an increase in insurance premiums—or finding a way to commute to work with a suspended license.

A moving violation lawyer will work with the judge and prosecutor in a savvy, adversarial manner. Prosecutors are more likely to dismiss charges when a lawyer represents you—leaving you free of any marks on your driving record.

It’s time to speak with a lawyer

Choosing the right moving violation lawyer can make a real difference in the outcome of your case, the time it takes to resolve your case and your overall experience.

The moving violation lawyers at Wilson, Reives & Silverman are here to provide you with trusted, effective and experienced legal counsel. We’re ready to fight for you to receive the most favorable outcome in your case, so you can move forward on the road.

Call (919) 775-5653 or contact us and set up a consultation to speak with one of our experienced moving violation lawyers about your case.

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