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When Cameron Frick graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University, the appeal of the courtroom led him to enroll in Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law. After obtaining a law degree, Mr. Frick began his legal career in 2003 as a prosecutor in the 14th Judicial District (Durham), where he tried kidnapping, robbery, assault, domestic violence, DWI and other criminal cases in front of a jury. With several years of prosecutorial experience under his belt, he shifted his focus to civil litigation. As a personal injury lawyer Attorney Frick is here to take your case.

A Passion for Helping People

When Mr. Frick left the Office of the District Attorney, he continued as a practicing trial lawyer for several years defending insurance companies against lawsuits for motor vehicle negligence. Since that time, he has developed a passion for representing persons injured in motor vehicle collisions. Mr. Frick has tried over 40 jury trials in counties across the state.

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In 2009, he began to work exclusively with people injured due to the actions of others. Injured plaintiffs are often worried about paying their bills or finding a way to overcome their injuries. Those injured people frequently face a number of unforeseen issues due to the injury, such as not being able to earn a living, needing additional help at home, or having to communicate with an insurance company about the injury. Mr. Frick brings calm to what is usually a stormy time in his clients’ lives, giving advice on what forms to fill out, what reports to file and which parties to contact in the case.

Mr. Frick gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people resolve their problems and navigate the often complex legal system.

Putting Clients at Ease

One of Mr. Frick’s top priorities as a personal injury lawyer is putting clients at ease and making sure people feel comfortable asking questions about their cases. With more than 13 years of experience, he understands the heavy emphasis that should be put on helping his clients feel at ease with him. Each client has Mr. Frick’s personal cellphone number, and he encourages people to call him anytime they would like an update or have a concern. When working with criminal defendants, Mr. Frick thoroughly explains everything that is happening, from the charges filed to the possibility of making a plea agreement. His open-door policy improves communication and helps build trust between him and his clients. Mr. Frick is an advocate for his clients and the legal system and wants to make sure their rights are protected.

Communication Is Vital

Mr. Frick believes client contact is one of the most important aspects of being an attorney. Clients should never have to wonder what is coming up next or worry about what is going on with their cases. The sooner a client shares new information with Mr. Frick, the faster he can address the issue. As a result, good communication improves the chances of securing a successful outcome in a civil or criminal case.

When clients hire Mr. Frick, they are hiring a lawyer, an advocate and a partner. Communication plays a major role in the success of any relationship, and the lawyer-client relationship is no different. Keeping the lines of communication open is a cornerstone to Mr. Frick’s approach to law.

Personal Life

When Mr. Frick is not working with clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Renee (a registered nurse), and their two sons.

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