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Construction Accidents

Not every accident on a construction site happens to a worker. Safety hazards and management concerns on construction sites are common, and unfortunately, so are accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in five worker deaths in 2013 was brought about by a construction accident.

Fortunately, not every accident results in death, but the injuries can still be extremely debilitating.

A construction accident lawyer with Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran knows your rights and is ready to help you gain the compensation you deserve.

What are the most commonly reported construction site accidents?

These “Fatal Four” construction site accidents are consistently responsible for more than half of the construction site deaths according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Falling from a height

This is the number one cause of injuries, as even a fall from a few feet up can result in severe or even fatal complications. If you navigate heights while on roofs, ladders, and scaffolding, these risks increase considerably. Tell your construction accident lawyer if you noticed any guardrails or secondary fall protection on the site where your accident occurred.

Slips and falls

While usually nonfatal, these injuries are extremely common. Also, construction sites can be messy and frenzied environments, with spilled liquids and scattered debris present all around the area. When these materials are carelessly left around the job site, they become a tripping or slipping hazard.

Falling tools and debris

Gravity is dangerous at work sites. Fencing, safety nets, and even a hard hat may not be enough to prevent serious or fatal complications from this frequent hazard.


Electrical accidents can occur suddenly and when you least expect it, affecting passersby as well as site workers. While defective and exposed wiring are typical sources of injury, power line contact happens with disturbing regularity as well.

If I’ve been injured in a construction accident, what should I do next?

First, seek medical attention if you haven’t done so already, and report your injury.

If you are a construction worker seeking workers’ compensation, be sure to report the injury immediately to your supervisor in both written and oral form. While there’s no set format for how you need to do this, you do need to do it as quickly as possible. Make sure what you say to employers and others remain consistent. And, if possible, document your working conditions to help illustrate any safety lapses.

Then, with the help of a construction accident lawyer, you can determine whether filing a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim is your best course of action.

Where do I begin filing a personal injury claim?

If you are looking to claim workers’ compensation or personal injury benefits, you should do so quickly. Any delay in filing on your part could lead to potential delays in receiving benefits. Reporting injuries immediately and filing a claim as soon as you decide to seek benefits will significantly increase your construction accident lawyer’s chances of recovering compensation quickly.

It will not cost you anything to come in for a consultation. The construction accident lawyers at Wilson, Reives, Silverman & Doran are here to provide you with trusted, effective legal counsel. We’ll focus on your claim, allowing you to focus on recovery and moving your life forward.

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